Button Art

It was Mother’s Day when my brother told us that he and his wife were having a baby – isn’t that a perfect day?! But they told us right after they found out, which made for a very long 8-month wait. Although I’m sure longer for them than for me! But finally, we are just under 2 weeks away from the day, and I’m starting to get very, very excited to be an Aunt!
Because they are having a baby girl, my “presents” to them have so far been all of Violet’s hand-me-downs. Although she does have some pretty cute and useful hand-me-downs! But for Christmas, I wanted to really put my Pinterest-ing to use and make something wonderful and thoughtful for my soon-to-be niece.
I had pinned this guy a long while ago…
Although at first glance, it seemed way too hard to master, I went to the website of the lady who had made this cute picture. She provides a step-by-step tutorial of how to make different types of button creatures, which made it pretty easy! All you need is a hot glue gun, an assortment of buttons, and any size picture frame. She even lets you copy the elephant outline she uses.
Because I wanted to add my own touch to my niece’s gift, I went in search of my own variation of an elephant picture. I Google “outlines of elephants” (which you can do for any animal) and print out the one you like. I used this one:
three elephants
I cropped it down to show only the elephants and enlarged it to be the size of the picture I was doing. I had bought a white 8×10 frame for this project. I printed the outline of the elephants,then traced it onto some thick, white cardstock. Then I colored in each elephant with color pencils. Her tutorial says to use water colors, but you can use crayons, pencils, whatever. The basic idea is to have a similar shade (of the buttons you will use) in the background so that it won’t look strange if there is a gap between your buttons.
Then you start hot-gluing the buttons over your shaded-in picture one by one. This is the time-consuming part of the project, especially if you buy a big pack of random buttons! You have to strategically plan out which ones go where, what sizes to use as the borders, which smaller ones to glue on top, for the ears, the tail, the trunk, the eyes, etc. I think I worked on this project in the evening for 3 or 4 days until I got it just the way I wanted! And unfortunately I did not think ahead to take step-by-step pictures, but here’s the finished product:

It was a lot of fun making something crafty for a change.  Normally it’s hard to find the time, or to find an idea that you like that is actually possible and easy to do!

And I think she and my brother liked the gift, and it was so much nicer to actually make something for them instead of buying something. Although I could not resist buying her some stuff that says “Cool Like Auntie”….because, I mean, her Aunt is pretty cool!
Now that I’ve conquered one small craft, I think I’ll try and come up with something to make for Violet’s room!

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